Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Deciphering the Laws of Cyberbullying

After completing a case study for my Educational Law course that I am taking for graduate school, I discovered that there is a great deal of confusion among educators, lawmakers, and everyone else for that matter.

What laws are in place to protect our students?

What are our rights and responsibilities as educators?

What policies and/or programs do we have in place to educate our parents, students, and teachers? 

These are questions that I have not necessarily found all the answers to. However, I have put together a few resources to help individuals learn more about Cyberbullying and its impact on education.

The first is a link to my case study review, "Deciphering the Laws of Cyberbullying" where I have reviewed several incidents and the court's ruling on the matter. This can be found at:

A second piece is a presentation that I put together for a faculty workshop pertaining to Internet Safety and Digital Citizenship:

Feel free to share this information with other interested parties. I just ask that you quote your sources.

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